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Emma’s Snow Day

My husband is a guitar teacher. One of his talented young students, Emma, wrote a song about one of her favorite things: a snow day. On February 11th, Emma recorded her song at Studio X in downtown Seattle. Emma stood on the same carpet, sang into the same microphone, and plugged into the same amplifier as the likes of R.E.M. and Nirvana. If she felt any pressure to measure up, she certainly didn’t show it. She belted out the lyrics, acting them out as she sang. She relaxed in the studio like an old pro, and discussed different elements of the song with her producer. When it came time to lay down a guitar track, the recording engineer plugged her into a big, vintage Marshall amplifier (the same one used by Soundgarden last year for their recording of “Black Rain”.) I think Emma was surprised that her guitar could play so loud and sound so good.

You can check out the recording of her song here.

Emma’s producer was Nelson Barnard. Brian Valentino was the recording engineer, and even let Emma help mix the track. Mark DiFlorio, an awesome drum teacher here in Seattle, accompanied her on drums. Brady Millard-Kish played the bass. He also teaches bass lessons in Seattle. Rob Hampton is Emma’s guitar teacher. If you play or teach guitar, you should check out his website for lots of chord charts and helpful tips.

Kyle Larsen - Very inspiring! The pictures are amazing! Rob and Meghan kick A$$!!!!!

Sabrina - How wonderful! What a great experience for Emma!

Mike Newhall - Congratulations Emma and Rob. Great pictures Meghan!

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