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My favorite photographic subjects are children. From babies to high school seniors, I love capturing moments and expressions that show their unique personality. I also love to work with families, and strive for natural, relaxed portraits of people having fun. It’s an honor and delight to be invited to document special occasions and milestones like a pregnancy, the birth of a baby, a birthday party, or a wedding. When I’m not shooting for work, I enjoy photographing my family, friends, travel adventures, and the occasional rodeo with my dad.

I inherited the photography gene from my dad, a rodeo photographer. He spent many hours with me when I was younger, drawing neat pencil diagrams to explain f-stops and shutter speeds, depth-of-field, and the best lighting set-up for portraiture. On long summer afternoons, we worked together in the darkroom where he passed down the fine art of film processing and printing. His coffee table was always loaded with books of inspirational photographs by Mary Ellen Mark, Sally Mann, Imogen Cunningham, and many others. All this to say, I have a long history and a deeply rooted love of making photographs.


I was born in Seattle, and though I have traveled to many different places, I can’t think of anywhere else I would want to call Home.

I live with my wonderful husband who teaches guitar lessons in a studio in our backyard, and our awesome baby boy.

I studied Comparative Literature in college.

I’m fluent in Spanish.

I taught high school and undergraduate Spanish for five years.

I have two Masters degrees, in Teaching and Spanish.

I was a camp counselor for 10 summers.

I love traveling, rock climbing, camping, reading, and horses.